Welcome To KnowledgeTree. You’ve made the right decision, now what?

Our installation is fast, secure, and allows you to leverage your existing infrastructure.  Soon your sales team will have best practice content at their fingertips and they will be messaging like your top performers. There is no more searching; the content is instantly recommended. 30% of your rep’s time will soon be given back. 

Pre-KT Benchmarking:

Before Kick Off, please complete this Benchmarking Survey: http://goo.gl/forms/8qoZPdg2aX.  The survey will guide our success planning.

Kick Off Call: 

Your KnowledgeTree Account Executive will schedule a kickoff call to introduce your Customer Success Team. 

Attendees internally should include: 

  • Decision Maker
  • Sales Enablement Stakeholders
  • Marketing Stakeholders
  • SFDC Admins
  • Internal Project Manager (If applicable)


  • Introduction of project stakeholders
  • Develop mutual understanding of goals
  • Overview of tasks for onboarding
  • Establish task ownership
  • Establish timeline for onboarding

What is Customer Success?

We provide access to a cross-functional team of domain experts. We help you become wildly successful and realize the full value of KnowledgeTree. All customers are enrolled in our standard success program. You receive health checks, roadmap plans, best practice tips, access to KnowledgeTree Support in-app, and other resources to support adoption and create momentum. We provide a lifetime engagement model to support you at every step of your journey.

Your investment in KnowledgeTree solutions is about more than our exceptional technology. It is about achieving desirable business outcomes that enable you to deliver a better service to support your sales and content marketing efficacy. That is why every KnowledgeTree customer gets our standard success plan for online support, training and post-implementation onboarding. Our success program is included with every subscription and provides:

  • Implementation services to deploy KnowledgeTree in your environment
  • Post-implementation transition from deployment to production
  • Roadmap plans and assessments to guide and track your value roadmap progress
  • In-app and email access to KnowledgeTree Support services for break-fix issues and questions
  • Knowledge resources including webinars, product briefs, and best practice tips
  • New Feature notifications and trainings
  • Quarterly reviews to measure effective product usage through your journey
  • The standard A success program that is designed for every KnowledgeTree customer to achieve rapid time-to-value and ongoing success for your investments.

Our Success experts have deep knowledge in Sales, Marketing, and Thought Leadership, plus the practical best-practice guidance in people, process and technology to guide you to achieve your business objectives.

KnowledgeTree Features:

Push Winning Content to Reps in Salesforce:

Recommend content that drives sales:

  • Winning content is automatically matched to every Salesforce record.
  • No searching needed; the best content comes right to reps where they work.
  • Recommended content from any content, marketing, or learning management systems.

Push Actionable Best Practice to Reps:

KnowledgeTree helps sales teams replicate their top performers.

  • Identify which content advances winning deals.
  • Generate “sales buleprints” for reps with similar sales situations.
  • Push best practices to reps so they can take action- right from their email.

Give Sales Teams Quick Decision Support:

Deliver ‘just in time’ playbooks to reps.

  • Push targeted sales guidance to reps when they need it most.
  • Deliver ‘bit sized’ training content, videos, and even links back to your learning management system and internal wiki. 
  • Match training materials by sales situations.

Tailor Presentations Instantly:

Generate presentations that match your sales situation.

  • Automatically compile recommended slides into custom decks.
  • Quickly add relevant slides from other decks and customize the PowerPoint.
  • Share the tailored presentation deck in one simple motion.

Know Your Content’s Sales Impact:

Measure your content’s ROI in the Sales Process.

  • Track how content influences revenue by industry, sales stage, persona, and more.
  • Help sales use your content effectively by spotting best practice use of material.
  • Identify and fill gaps in your sales enablement and marketing content portfolio.


Visit http://help.KnowledgeTree.com for resources on product and best practices. For technical issues you can also use our In-App Chat feature.  

Your Account or Customer Success Manager is also available for assistance.