As a marketer or social seller, you may want to be empowered to retrieve a generic, reusable link for any asset so content can be shared in social media channels and build email templates that facilitate bulk prospecting.

How to Enable and Configure

In the KnowledgeTree Setting section in the management console, navigate to the Sharing tab. 

Here you can enable/disable the Public Sharing. You can also set parameters on which channels you want to facilitate public sharing with (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook). 


When enabled, generic share links are available for all assets. You can use these links with marketing automation and email template tools, or for social network sharing. 

Analytic attribution is dependent the Guestbook feature being enabled. When Guestbook is enabled, analytic attribution will follow the behavior listed in GuestbookIf not enabled, analytic attribution will follow the behavior listed in Sharing Content With KnowledgeTree for Salesforce.


You will see a new icon next to the "Share" button in KnowledgeTree for Salesforce.

Click on the icon to generate a generic link. You can copy this link for marketing automation and email blast, or you can click on one of the social network channels configured. 

When social sharing is selected, a new window will be generated with the attached content in its respective channel. In LinkedIn, reps have the ability to add in a note and share posts publicly, with groups, or with individual connections. 

 In Twitter, reps have the ability to create and send tweets.

In Facebook, reps have the ability to create a post and share on their own timeline, friend's timelines, in groups, or in private messages.