In order to for KnowledgeTree to be fully functional, you must connect it to your Salesforce account using a Salesforce Administrator's credentials. Without the connection, Salesforce users will not be able to find content and Content Managers will not be able to add rules within KnowledgeTree Manager.

We do not modify any existing Salesforce data.  Also, other users will not be able to access Salesforce using the administrator's credentials.  This solely links KnowledgeTree to Salesforce. 

*Note - if the Salesforce Administrator account used to connect KnowledgeTree to Salesforce is disabled or has a password change, the connection to KnowledgeTree will require updating.

Connecting to Salesforce via OAuth

A Salesforce Administrator should connect to Salesforce via OAuth by going to

They should check that they have these permissions.

  • Begin by clicking the "Connect Now" button.  

  • If you're not already logged in to Salesforce, you'll be presented with a Salesforce login page.  Enter your User Name and Password and click "Log in to Salesforce".

  • You'll be presented with an OAuth window asking you to allow KnowledgeTree to connect to Salesforce.  This window will describe what access KnowledgeTree is requesting of your Salesforce account.  Click "Allow".

  • You have now connected your KnowledgeTree account to your Salesforce account.

  • Now that you're connected you can easily import curation rules directly from Salesforce and utilize Chatter to discuss the assets you care about.