1. This article covers how to rename an asset you've added to your KnowledgeTree Manager account.  The name of the asset will be visible by Sales Reps viewing content you publish to Salesforce and prospects viewing content shared with them.

    Renaming Assets

    1. Begin by clicking on the asset you would like to rename

    2. Click the Edit icon near the name of the asset

    3. Make the desired changes to the asset name and click the checkmark icon to save your changes.

    4. You're only saving the name of the asset in KnowledgeTree Manager and not the name of the file stored in Box.com or URLs you pulled from the web.  The details section of the asset details page displays the original name of the file.

      URL Asset Details display the original URL for the asset

      Assets added from sources like Box.com will show the original file name and the service used to add the asset to you KnowledgeTree Manager account.