See our current public roadmap, including release notes. Archived notes below.


September 21st, 2015

  • Sales BluePrints Feature:  Our enhanced recommendation engine analyzes won sales to see what content was used and when. It then creates sales blueprints that tell other reps how to repeat the success of their top performing peers. Every rep gets these customized communication plans in their email. They can immediately take action and share content in one simple sales motion. Learn more here.

August 6th, 2015

  • Disabling Downloads:  We've added a new option to prevent reps from downloading assets. This lets you ensure reps use KnowledgeTree to share content with prospects, rather than downloading and emailing bulky attachments. In addition to ensuring prospects always receive the latest versions, there are a host of other powerful benefits. Learn more here.

July 30th, 2015

  • Inviting Admin Users:  We've streamlined the process for inviting teammates to administer the application. These are the users you want to enable to add, curate, manage, and publish assets; as well as have access to all account-level Settings in the KnowledgeTree Manager. As always, Admin users are free and don't count against your license limits.  Check it out here.
    You do not need to invite your sales team, they are automatically provisioned with licenses and added to the user list when they access KnowledgeTree from within Salesforce.

  • Improved Asset Viewer: We've updated the asset viewer to provide a better experience for you and your prospects when previewing content of all types in KnowledgeTree.

July 2nd, 2015

  • Provide Content Feedback:  Sales reps can quickly and easily give marketing feedback about the content they're seeing (or not seeing) within KnowledgeTree for Salesforce.  This is especially convenient if you aren't using Chatter to discuss assets.

May 28th, 2015

  • More Precise Recommendations: You can now use all Account, Product, Contact, and OpportunityProduct fields to power asset recommendations for Opportunities in Salesforce.  Check out our documentation to learn more.

  • Search by Multiple Tags in Salesforce: Reps are now able to find assets that have multiple tags in Salesforce.  This is handy when navigating a large list of assets above and beyond the recommended set.

  • Refresh Salesforce data in KnowledgeTree: It's now much easier to re-sync your Salesforce usernames, profiles, and fields with KnowledgeTree.  

May 13th, 2015

  • Sales View: You can now share content directly with your reps with a link.  The Sales View for each asset contains the preview, rules, tags and asset statistics.  Simply copy the Sales View link and fire away.  Reps can even share from the Sales View.   

Week of April 20th, 2015

  • Introducing QuickPlays: Provide just in time coaching and guidance to your reps directly in Salesforce.  Learn more.

  • Introducing PerfectPitch: Create ready made custom presentations directly in Salesforce using any PowerPoint deck in your content portfolio.  Learn more.

Week of March 8th, 2015

  • Wistia Video Support: You can now add, curate, and share Wistia videos using KnowledgeTree.  They even work with QuickPlays.

Week of February 15th, 2015

  • SharePoint and Salesforce Libraries Asset Support: You can now add assets from SharePoint and Salesforce Libraries to KnowledgeTree.  Valuable content in these repositories can be now be added, curated, and shared with prospects using KnowledgeTree for Salesforce.

Week of February 8th, 2015

  • Introducing Team Alerts: You can now send alerts to Sales about the latest and greatest content.  The best part?  These alerts show up directly within Salesforce so your reps can't miss them!
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  • "Recently Added" Asset Curation:  Recently added assets are now much easier to find and curate.  This make it much simpler to add and curate assets as you improve your content mix.

Week of January 26th, 2015

  • Refresh Salesforce Profiles: You can now easily refresh the Salesforce Profiles stored in your Salesforce account within your KnowledgeTree account.  This ensures the Teams you've defined in KnowledgeTree respect your current Salesforce Profile assignments.
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January, 2015

This functionality requires the latest version of KnowledgeTree.  You most likely have been automatically upgraded. If not, you can get the latest version on the Salesforce AppExchange.

  • Introducing PerfectPitch: PerfectPitch enables sales teams to create and share customized slide decks with their Salesforce prospects.  Using KnowledgeTree's recommendation engine, marketing can ensure the right slides are recommended for use by sales when creating and sharing custom decks.
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December, 2014

This functionality requires the latest version of KnowledgeTree.  You most likely have been automatically upgraded. If not, you can get the latest version on the Salesforce AppExchange.

  • Introducing QuickPlays: With QuickPlays you can provide your Sales Team guidance and coaching directly within Salesforce.  What's more, you can recommend QuickPlays to show up for reps during specific sales situations.  Perfect for qualification checklists, quick reminders, and training.
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Week of September 7th, 2014

This functionality requires the latest version of KnowledgeTree. You most likely have been automatically upgraded. If not, you can get the latest version on the Salesforce AppExchange.

  • Introducing Email Templates: Now marketing can create messaging to help reps correctly position assets when sharing with prospects via email. You can set a default template, and optionally override this with asset-specific messaging. Works with all email clients, no need for reps to install anything.
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Week of August 25th, 2014

This functionality requires the latest version of KnowledgeTree. You most likely have been automatically upgraded. If not, you can get the latest version on the Salesforce AppExchange.

  • Find Winning Content in the Field: We've made some improvements to KnowledgeTree that make it even easier to discover, preview, and share great content using a mobile device and the Salesforce1 mobile platform. All you need is Salesforce1 installed on your mobile device and you'll be off and running.
    Learn More about Salesforce1

  • Improved Document Viewer: Our faster document previewer now supports full screen viewing meaning you and your Prospects can see your content the way it's supposed to be seen ... front and center. You can even view videos inline

  • Edit URLs for Web Page Assets Inline: We've made it quick and easy to edit the URLs of your web page assets. No need to re-curate.

Week of August 11th, 2014

This functionality requires the latest version of KnowledgeTree. You most likely have been automatically upgraded. If not, you can get the latest version on the Salesforce AppExchange.

  • Find Winning Content Faster: New stack ranking algorithm in lists and search results boosts your best assets based on market performance (popularity with team & resonance with prospects).
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  • Right Content, Right Team: Do you need to vary which content is surfaced based on roles or divisions in your organization? Easily map teams to Salesforce Profiles to ensure targeted content only reaches the right audience - whether that's an internal department, channel partners in Salesforce Communities, or even public Chatter users.
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  • Easily Manage Targeted Content: Restrict access to individual assets, or bulk manage with a few clicks. Because KnowledgeTree leverages the org structure you've already created in Salesforce, segmenting content is simple, quick, and flexible enough to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes.
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Week of July 28th, 2014

This functionality requires the latest version of KnowledgeTree. You most likely have been automatically upgraded. If not, you can get the latest version on the Salesforce AppExchange.

  • Activity and Engagement Charts: View and trend the internal usage and prospect facing performance of your assets over 30 or 90 days. Download image or PDF snapshots for reports and presentations.
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  • Bird's Eye Inventory View: Bird's eye view of engagement trends on the asset list lets you quickly compare view, share, and download activity for your entire inventory. 
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  • Share Landing Page URL: By popular request, we've changed the landing page URL for shares from to You can also customize your share landing page URL to match your brand.  Contact our Success Team to learn more.

Week of June 20th, 2014

This functionality requires v2.6.3 of KnowledgeTree or above. You can get the latest version on the Salesforce AppExchange.

  • Asset Tagging
    Organize assets by category, team, type, or any relevant business criteria. Reps can search and browse by tag to quickly find assets not automatically recommended.

2014.06 (May 20th, 2014)

KnowledgeTree Manager:

  • Mark assets as "Internal"
    There are times when you want to expose internal collateral to Sales reps in certain sales situations but you want to be sure reps can't distribute that collateral to prospects and customers.  KnowledgeTree now allows for one or many assets to be marked as "Internal only".  When these assets show up as recommended for use in a given sales situation, Sales reps won't be able to use the Share functionality to distribute these assets.  Ideal for call scripts, internal pricing sheets, and presentation notes.
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  • Improved User Role Management
    KnowledgeTree admins can now assign roles to each user within their KnowledgeTree account.  These roles govern what functionality each user has access to.  
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2014.05 (May 12th, 2014)

KnowledgeTree Manager:

  • Salesforce Sandbox support for KnowledgeTree Manager
    You can now create a KnowledgeTree account and sign-in to that account using Salesforce sandbox credentials.  This empowers organizations to use KnowledgeTree in conjunction with their Salesforce sandbox to evaluate and test.
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2014.05 (May 1st, 2014)

KnowledgeTree Manager:

  • Introducing the Share tab in KnowledgeTree Manager
    All of the power of KnowledgeTree for Salesforce is now available to sales users directly within KnowledgeTree Manager.  By logging into KnowledgeTree with their Salesforce credentials, sales users can preview, download, and share marketing approved content with Leads and Contacts they own ... no Salesforce package required.

2014.04 (March 21, 2014)

KnowledgeTree for Salesforce:

*requires installation of new KnowledgeTree package (v2.5.3). Click here to install.

  • Provide feedback and create asset-specific discussions in Chatter
    Automatically create a Chatter topic for any asset to launch a discussion with your peers and provide feedback to marketing. Follow content you're interested in, collaborate with marketing to improve collateral, and receive real-time notifications when new feedback is posted.
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  • Easily discover fresh content
    Look for the "New" badge to quickly discover the latest content published or updated by your marketing team.

KnowledgeTree Manager:

  • Creating rules in KTM is so much easier!
    We heard you, no one liked all that manual typing. You can now connect to Salesforce and automatically sync your objects, fields, and values to KTM to make rule creation simple and quick.
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  • Add a New badge to increase visibility of fresh content
    All assets now have a "New" badge when first added or published. You can also manually apply the "New" badge to any existing asset to raise its visibility in Salesforce. If you refresh an eBook you previously added to KTM (by uploading a new version of the linked source file in Box, for example), just select it and click "Mark as New" to add a New badge that will be visible to your sales team browsing content in Salesforce for the next two weeks.
    Learn More
  • Sort by Date Added
    Sometimes the best new features are the simplest.  You can now sort your asset list in KnowledgeTree by the date you added those assets to your account.  This makes it quick and easy to find assets you've recently added so can you curate them for discovery by your sales team in Salesforce.

2014.03 (Feb. 18, 2014)

We've released powerful new features that help Marketing get recommended content into sales teams’ hands at the right time, and help sales reps react to prospect engagement in real-time.

KnowledgeTree for Salesforce:

*requires installation of new KnowledgeTree package (v2.5). Click here to install.

  • Real-time alerts when prospects engage:
    Sales Reps will now receive real time email notifications whenever a prospect engages with assets shared through KnowledgeTree. Since these alerts include information about which content the prospect is consuming right now, you'll know just how to tailor that timely follow-up call or email while your offering is top-of-mind.
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  • Know where prospects are when they engage:
    We've added geolocation data to both the real-time email alerts and the KnowledgeTree Tasks in Salesforce. This additional context (are they in the office? on the road? out of the country?) helps you make better decisions about how and when to follow-up.

KnowledgeTree Manager:

  • Support for virtually any content source:
    KnowledgeTree has always enabled you to add and curate links to web pages. Now, Marketing can recommend collateral with any web-accessible address, and web-hosted files can be previewed and downloaded right in KnowledgeTree.  That means Office files, PDFs, or images stored in tools like Marketo, Pardot, or even resources on your website, are now fully supported.
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2014.02 (Feb. 6, 2014)

We released some improvements to KnowledgeTree for Salesforce and KnowledgeTree Manager.  We hope you like the improvements and let us know if you have any questions.

KnowledgeTree for Salesforce:

*requires installation of new KnowledgeTree package (v2.4). Click here to install.

  • KnowledgeTree for Salesforce support for Cases and Contacts:
  • KnowledgeTree for Salesforce can now recommend assets for Cases and Contact records in Salesforce.  This allows you to expose the right content at the right time to reps when triaging supporting cases, or communicating with important contacts.

KnowledgeTree Manager:

*Automatic upgrade.  No action required.

Rename Assets:

  • Users of KnowledgeTree Manager can now change the name of the assets within their account.  Use this feature to make sure the names of your assets are appropriate for sales reps discovering content and prospects viewing shared content
    Learn More 
Enable and Disable Asset Sources:
  • KnowledgeTree Manager allows users to add assets from a variety of sources (e.g., Google Drive).  You can now enable or disable these sources to better control where your KnowledgeTree Manager assets are coming from.
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2014.01 (Jan. 23, 2014)

Happy New Year! We've been busy working off the extra holiday pounds, and have some exciting new features to announce.

KnowledgeTree for Salesforce:

*requires installation of new KnowledgeTree package (v2.3). Click here to install.

  • Better User Auto-Provisioning
  • Salesforce users are no longer automatically added to your KnowledgeTree Manager account, so you can limit KTM access to the marketing and operations team members responsible for curating content.
  • Bug Fix: Tasks for prospect engagement assigned incorrectly
    Fixed issue where Salesforce tasks generated when prospects view and/or download shared assets were improperly assigned. The "Assigned To" field for these Tasks is now correctly populated with the name of the user who shared the asset.

KnowledgeTree Manager:

*Automatic upgrade. No action required.

  • New Login Page
    Spiffy new design...hope you like!
  • Better Asset Management
    You can now remove obsolete assets, as long as they haven't been shared with prospects via Salesforce. Previously shared assets can be unpublished instead, so they are no longer accessible to your team in Salesforce but will continue to work for prospects viewing content on the landing page links you've distributed.
    Learn more
  • Better Rules Management
    On the Settings page, you can now delete unneeded rules and automatically disassociate them from all assets with a single click. The Rule List also now shows the number of assets with a given rule assigned. Clicking drills down to show exactly which assets have that rule assigned.
    Learn more
  • Better User Management
    On the Settings page, you can now remove users to better control who has access to the KnowledgeTree Manager application. Salesforce-only users will no longer be automatically added to the KTM User List, and you can safely delete any of these users previously auto-provisioned in KTM. They will still have access to the KnowledgeTree for Salesforce application, but will not have access to KTM.
    Learn more
  • Reset Forgotten Password
    Forgot your password? The new login page includes a link to reset your KnowledgeTree Manager password. You'll receive an email with a time-limited, one-time use link to reset it.
    Learn more