If you are not seeing Share, View and Download activities in your activity history in Salesforce, more than likely it is due to a permissions problem with your Salesforce role. 

You should contact your Salesforce Administrator to verify that you have read access to the following fields.

Account Contact Lead Opportunity
 Id Email  Company  Amount
 Industry FirstName   Email  CreatedDate
 LastViewedDate Id  FirstName  CloseDate
Name LastName Id Id
 NumberOfEmployees  Name  IsConverted Name
 Website  OwnerId  LastName OwnerId 
   Phone  Name  StageName

OpportunityContactRoles  OpportunityLineItems Organization  Task Profile
ContactId OpportunityId Name  Share Activity Id
OpportunityId PricebookEntryId
 Share Recipient Data Name

PriceBookEntry Product2 Topic User
Product2Id Id Id UserName

Name Name

*For ALL objects, we require read access to  LastViewedDate and LastModifiedDate.